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In Tokyo, friends may come together for drinks and a bite in an izakaya, the Japanese word, pronounced iz-ah-kah-yah, literally translates to 'stay-drink-place'.

MOTOMOTO is rooted in that tradition: serving an assortment of great food, sake and cocktails in a comfortable space – good conversation over great food and drink.

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Quick guide on izakaya
drinks & dishes

Types of dishes


Cooking with fire, literally. Food is grilled over an open flame using additive-free, clean-burning charcoal briquettes

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Type of sushi, where rice is molded by hand, and fish or other toppings are pressed on top of the rice.

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Sashimi is thinly sliced raw seafood served without rice.

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Types of drinks


National beverage of Japan made with fermented rice, sometimes referred to as Japanese rice wine.

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We carry a variety of local beer + Asahi & Sapporo on draft, they are Japan's oldest & best lagers.

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Signature cocktails are made to evoke memories and spark conversation, bringing everyone together at the bar.

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